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The Safety Leadership Deck includes training on the application of the cards, describing what they mean and how they can be used on or off the job.

7 Safety Habits

7 Safety Habits promote Situational Awareness(SA).

Error Traps

Error Management for the Team

Team Resource Management 

Leadership skills for the Team

Human Factors

Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error

7 safety habits

7 Safety Habits that team members can employ to improve Situational Awareness. A form of safety self-awareness.

Error traps

We talk about error, but don’t define it, when we do, we overcomplicate it. We design tools that everyone can use to improve performance. 

Human factors

10 Key Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error and reduce Situational Awareness(SA).

team resource      Management

Sharing Leadership tools and techniques with the team. A one-world view of leadership.