1. Instructional Design

A needs assessment that ensures the material you are about to deliver is what your employees need. This first step of the training program is to make sure it is well suited, while considering the principles of adult education.

  1. Trainer Selection

We need to ensure the right people are selected to be trained. It is easy to choose the wrong people, especially with the “Volun-told Method”. Here we consider past experience, good communication skill, interpersonal skills, and respect by peers invaluable to the selection process.

  1. Technical Knowledge

Be certain that the trainers have the technical knowledge to deliver the training. They must have experience and be competent with the content. Ask yourself, “Have they earned the right to speak?”

  1. Instructional Techniques

Ensure that your Train the NEW Trainer process has a good combination of technical information and instructional techniques. It is even better to have two different courses. For example, my first instructional techniques course was two weeks long and focused entirely on how to conduct training.

  1. Practise / Practise / Practise

What did Malcolm Gladwell say? “You need 10,000 hours of practice to be considered an expert.” Your new trainers don’t have to be experts, but they do need time to practise. The issue is often time. No time is set aside to practise after completing the Train the Trainer. I suggest setting the time aside during the Train the NEW Trainer process. Schedule the practice!

  1. Evaluation Technique

A good evaluation technique starts in the classroom. The trainer provides feedback to ensure that the participant understands the improvement areas and has a plan for improvement. Coaching is often the best approach after the initial training is completed. Who is your training coach?

  1. Life-Long Learning & Continuous Improvement

The Train the NEW Trainer process is only the beginning. Too often, it’s seen as the end. Let’s encourage our trainers to look for every opportunity to learn and improve. I have been training and speaking for 25 years and am still looking to be even better.  What’s your next step?

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