Those Resilient N.A.T.S

Focus – Motivation, Inspiration and Resilience. It’s important to think about thinking.

In Wilson’s exploration of resilience, he delves into the enduring nature of negative automatic thoughts (NATs). Like resilient pests, NATs persistently plague individuals, surfacing automatically and recurrently. Addressing NATs requires persistent effort over an extended period, akin to battling a stubborn infestation. While the introduction may initially seem negative, Wilson sheds light on the significance of recognizing and managing NATs. These negative automatic thoughts can permeate various aspects of life, from personal to professional realms, affecting relationships and overall well-being. Wilson emphasizes the importance of understanding the impact of NATs and highlights the need for education on cognitive awareness from an early age. Throughout the presentation, Wilson aims to demystify NATs, exploring their origins and their detrimental effects. By fostering awareness and providing strategies to combat NATs, Wilson empowers individuals to take control of their thoughts and enhance their resilience. Join Wilson on this insightful journey as he unpacks the complexities of NATs and offers practical tools for overcoming negative thinking patterns.