The Safety Coach

Teams Introducing the concept of the safety coach—an innovative approach to managing safety in the workplace. While the presence of safety cops may be necessary in certain cases, they can sometimes tarnish the reputation of the safety profession. Wilson believes in a different approach—one that emphasizes empowerment and collaboration rather than discipline and enforcement. The goal of the safety coach isn’t to police or reprimand individuals but to cultivate a culture where everyone takes ownership of safety. Wilson recognizes that constant supervision isn’t feasible, so it’s essential to instill a mindset of self-management and accountability. This is where the safety coach steps in, focusing on teamwork, mutual responsibility, and effective coaching techniques to ensure the safety of every team member. At its core, the safety coach philosophy promotes the idea that everyone has a role to play in safety leadership. Wilson’s approach isn’t just about compliance with rules and regulations—it’s about fostering a collective commitment to safety excellence.