Habits and H-FILES

Step into the intriguing world of the H-FILES, reminiscent of the mysterious X-FILES. Similar to Mulder’s pursuit of truth, Wilson delves into the realm of the unseen H-FILES (Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error), striving to unravel their mysteries and harness their potential for safety.

With a background rooted in aerospace, Wilson’s passion for safety, and drawing from his experience in air engine manufacturing and aircraft production observation, including the iconic 737 Max, 777, and 787 Wilson’s journey into the H-FILES is grounded in real-world insights.

Through extensive research into aviation incidents, Wilson uncovers the essence of these Top 10 Human Factors shedding light on their profound impact on safety.

Wilson’s mission is clear: to introduce these human factors to individuals, igniting a conversation about their influence on safety both in professional and personal spheres. As he invites others to join him on this investigative journey, Wilson empowers them to consider the implications of human factors on their safety and well-being. Embrace the intrigue of the H-FILES and embark on a transformative exploration with Wilson as your guide.

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