Team Resource Management (TRM)

Where did your leadership training start?

Wilson’s journey in safety began in the aerospace industry, where he gained invaluable experience working on repair and overhaul projects for jet aircraft engines, including iconic models like the Avro Arrow and the 104 Starfighter. Transitioning from aerospace to leadership, Wilson observed a common challenge: individuals promoted to management positions often lacked the necessary tools for success.

Drawing inspiration from aviation’s Crew Resource Management model, Wilson developed the Team Resource Management program. This innovative training initiative aims to equip employees at all levels with essential leadership skills applicable both on and off the job. Through simple yet effective tools and models, such as time management, leadership styles, team building, and decision-making, Wilson empowers individuals to enhance their management capabilities.

With Team Resource Ventures, Wilson not only addresses the immediate needs of employees but also prepares them for future career advancement within the organization. By instilling a basic level of leadership training and skills in all employees, Wilson ensures a more capable and cohesive workforce. Join Wilson on this transformative journey as he revolutionizes management and leadership development, one team at a time.