7 Safety Habits Implementation1

The 7 Safety Habits process was recently implemented at a utility in Minnesota. The successful implementation included:

Employee Overview Sessions

Leadership Workshop

Steering Team Workshop

Train the Trainer

The company has embarked on the internal training using certified internal trainers. The first session has been described as very successful. The company will continue on with Habits 2 through 7 using three 7 Safety Habits workbooks:

WORKBOOK1: Personal Safety

WORKBOOK2: Team Safety

WORKBOOK3: System Safety.

The implementation will be evaluated as the process continues using an assessment tool designed for the Steering Team.

2Oil & Gas Company Completes 7 Safety Habits Overview

The 7 Safety Habits process uses a flexible approach to address safety in several areas:

  1. System Safety
  2. Off-The -Job Safety
  3. Human Error

Our approach involves assessing the safety culture within the company and assisting in the selection of the best implementation option.


1. Self- Study: Introduce the 7 Safety Habits book to every employee and encourage self- study on and off the job. A team approach looking at all three elements above.

2. Overview Session: Deliver a 3 hour overview session using the 7 Safety Habits book completing a select number of exercises.

3. Implementation & Integration: Implement the 7 Safety Habits Process in your workplace including:

Overview Sessions

Leadership Workshop

Steering Team Workshop

Train the Trainer

SalesPiece_7SH_114_VF.inddWhy a Safety Self-Help Book?

The 7 Safety Habits That Could Save Your Life is the World’s First Safety Self-Help Book. It was written to help companies, organizations and individuals address safety. Not just safety in the workplace but safety across the board in all aspects life, at work, at home, in the community or traveling across town. It is our belief that to truly change the safety culture we need to address safety in all of these areas.

The self-help approach suggests that there are many habits that we can employ or work on to improve our safety and live a safer and healthier life. These habits are based on my experience working in the safety field over the last 25 years.

Safety is a series of habits, a combination of training and experience that leads to a mindset, a way of looking at the world and taking action that ensures our safety. The self- help approach encourages the reader to consider:

The safety culture at work

The culture at home (off the job)

Personal habits

Human error

The book like any self-help book does not tell people what to do it provides exercises for review, self-assessment and optional tools that can be used on or off the job..

A brochure explaining the book can be found at  www.7SafetyHabits.com

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We have recently added a shopping cart to our website www.globaltrainingedge.com/store.html the shopping cart makes it easier to order the 7 Safety Habits book and supporting products. Four items have been placed on the site with more to come, stay tuned…..

3The World’s FIRST Safety Self-Help Book

LinkedIn Cultural Safety Group

We view the 7 Safety Habits as a cultural safety process helping to facilitate a cultural step change by focusing on the 3 key elements of safety discussed above. We use several tools to assist with the process including workbooks, video, cards etc. To support the implementation we have also started a LinkedIn Cultural Safety group to address questions and provide additional cultural safety information. If you would like to join the group visit.

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