A one-world view of leadership across the company, focusing on alignment, engagement, communication, and performance improvement.

Customized Coaching Implementation (CCI)

C.C.I. means that we work with our clients to develop a unique experience based on client needs. A combination of assessment, coaching, training, and integration.

Situational Leadership

We start with leadership style and take a Situational Leadership approach. We then consider motivation, communication, and decision – making. The ACT of Leadership.

Team Resource Management (T.R.M.)

Team Resource Management is the backbone of our approach. NASA and the aviation industry first developed the technique in the late 1970s. The goal was to improve leadership skills for the team resulting in reduced aviation incidents, and it worked. We use a similar approach focusing on the team.

Cognitive Aids (C.A.)

In the aviation industry, cognitive aids are used to ensure essential concepts are understood and easy to employ. TAPMO – Motivation, SMART Com – Communication, ACT for Leadership. INVEST for Decision Making.