H-FILES Webinar Series – Human Factors



 The H-FILES (Human Factors That Increase the Livelihood of Error) Webinar Series.

 As you can see from the H-FILES page we support our webinars with video content that is specific to the client. The clips on the page represent several options;

  1. 2- Minute Safety Talks

  2. 5-Minute Toolbox Talks (with an exercise)

  3. Flash Video Clips to support the H-FILES initiative. (Internal TV or monitor)  

The clips can be generic or designed for your specific workplace.


The Webinar includes: (All 10 H-FILES)

  1. Awareness & Situational Awareness (SA)

  2. Pace & Pressure

  3. Stress & Anxiety

  4. Focus & Attention

  5. Multi-Tasking

  6. Communication

  7. Distraction

  8. Frustration

  9. Fatigue

  10. Confidence

Human Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error and reduce Situational Awareness (SA).

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