7 Safety Habits Webinar Series



The 7 Safety Habits Webinar Series

Introduction:  All 7 Safety Habits (3  Hour Interactive Webinar) with Wilson Bateman

Webinar Series includes a webinar on each of the 7 Safety Habits

1. Think Safety’s HARD (Hazard Assessment Risk & Duty)

2. Wear the Gear

3. Avoid the Shortcuts

4, Send the Message

5. Support the Team

6. Recognize the Blame Game

7. Situational Awareness

We support all webinars with video content:

  1. 2-Minute field safety talk
  2. 5 – Minute toolbox talk with exercise
  3. 30 -second Flash video Clip used for promotional activities.

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The price is $98.00 per person. Max 15 per webinar.